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Stella has over 30 years experience in

HR and Financial sectors.  As co-owner she dedicates her time to empowering her staff and finding the right fit for her team.

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Jeffrey has a keen sense of matching skill sets and specs, making him a formidable head-hunter with strong analytical attributes.

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Lauren has studied Marketing Management, and has a qualification in ECD.  Her meticulous attention to detail is well aligned within the people business.

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With her career being focused on admin, Cheryl knows exactly how to work her magic with the candidate CV’s.


Peet started his career in the ICT industry, but was soon drawn to the construction industry. Once discovering this was where his passion was, he stayed there for over 15 years.


With her BA in Psychology, Zanel is able to communicate compassionately on all levels, placing an emphasis on key relationship building. These are the skills that have made her Team Leader.

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Estianne has a solid background in retail. 

As a recruitment consultant, he understands the importance of matching skill sets.